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Name:The United States of America


12 Raks


-PDA upgrade
-Power ring (Strength 1)
-Power ring (Agility 1)
-Power ring (Offence 1)
-Power ring (Weakness 1)
-Memory charm (He now remembers England's name.)
-Memory charm (He now knows how to make good hamburgers.)


Name: America || Alfred F. Jones
Age: Over 400
Subject taught: Government
Canon: CANON
Canon point: Modern times

First, America is a very excitable person with a child-like quality around him. Being considered the youngest nation in the world is one of the reasons he has this quality of his. Not much of one for being serious all of the time, possibly due to his age, Alfred tends to be a fairly optimistic person with a light air around him. Having a bit of a playful side to him as well, he likes to sometimes tease England and other nations. Alfred also enjoys games as well, mostly video games that he gets from Japan. Although he believes that the monsters, which are supposed to be scary in Japan's games, are actually cute.

Second, he is considered to be a happy, go-lucky kind of guy because of this not a whole lot can bring him down. However this does not mean that he is never serious; even he can have a serious side to him whenever the situation calls for it, or does not call for it. Generally though this seriousness is usually caused whenever his actions are questioned, or when he is admitting to something that he had done wrong. The only other times that he is serious is when the situation calls for it; such as when another person needs help or he admits that something bad was his fault. But once those moments are over he will generally go back to being his usual, happy self.

Third most is that he does, sometimes, become sad through past memories. Sometimes it would seem like he has a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although it is most likely just bad memories floating around in his head, and generally he will usually stay away from those memories. This is most like a form of trying to avoid any pain that he has experienced in the past. And while he is a very young nation, Alfred is still a few hundred years old. And therefore he has quite a few memories in his head, and not all of them are pleasant. Alfred also seems to have a bit of a nervous tick when he watches anything in the horror genre. And even though he claims that such films are too scary, he still has to watch them, as he is the hero. Although this does not make much sense to a lot of people as if they scare him so much then why keep watching them? Once again it is because he claims to be the hero.

This leads to the fourth part of his personality; Alfred has a hero complex. It is as simple as that, Alfred enjoys anything heroic or has done good deeds. He loves stories of heroics done around the world, especially in his own lands. Of course this has led him to gain his own version of morals, expectations and led to him calling himself "The Hero". Mostly because he does consider himself to be the hero and that it is him who needs to help other people. Even if it means that he has to barge into their business. Lastly, he is one of the most oblivious guys you will probably ever meet. This is mostly because he never really reads into how other people are acting. It is not because he is stupid or because he does not care, just that he is not a very observant person from time to time. However because of this, and his lack of knowledge of geography, most people consider him to not be very bright. Although this is extremely untrue as he can be a very bright person and good with creating plans and different items, he just doesn't show it a whole lot. This includes things such as designing airplanes and different types of weapons and every day gadgets.

Name: MK2 Lancer

Form: Chainsaw

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Offence
  • Weakness

Lost memories:
  • 1 How to make a good hamburger.
  • 2 That England’s food tastes good to him.
  • 3 Canada (Completely forget about Canada.)
  • 4 England’s name.
  • 5 The fact that he befriended a whale.
  • 6 All of his national secrets
  • 7 His age.
  • 8 How to fly an aircraft
  • 9 What the F. in his name stands for.
  • 10 How to build aircraft


[Alfred groaned as he sat back in his chair, this was boring! Sure, he knew that being a teacher was not supposed to be fun and, according to some sources, did not have that great of a pay. But this was still ridiculous! He had graded over sixty pages of homework papers but there was still more to do! He was JUST starting to finish grading the freshman papers too. And now America had to question just why on Earth does he even give out homework? Aren’t daily lectures good enough? But no, from what he has seen giving out the accursed papers was apparently a time-honored tradition of teachers worldwide. And that he should respect such a thing.

That thought got Alfred laughing. Yeah right! Then again he was kind of expected to grade these papers, both by his students and the school at large. Frowning and going back to work before noticing that there was something wrong with his body.

His stomach, it was letting out a strange gurgling noise that got him grinning. Pushing away from his desk before standing up abruptly and getting a determined look on his face.]

Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped if I’m hungry! Right? [He said to himself, grinning a wide grin before laughing and taking off to the kitchen. It was time for a hamburger or two, or three…or maybe even ten or twelve! With that thought in mind a little spring had entered his step out of excitement.]
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